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There will always be someone better than you,
Even if you’re the best,
So let’s stop the competition now,
Or we will both be losers.

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"Walking down the street, looking for angels."

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*********************PARAMORE GIVEAWAY*****************

Hi, so Christmas is coming and i wanted to make something really special this year, so I looked up into my closet, and i found those items to giveaway to my lovely followers


1.- You MUST be following me (yorkconda.tumblr.com ) I’ll check. 

2.- Reblog this as much as you want.

3.- Likes don’t count.

4.- No giveaway blogs. 

5.- Ask box must be open, and the winner will have 48 hours to respond.

6.- I’m shipping worldwide! 


  • Ice Cream T-shirt desinged by Charlavail (Size L)
  • Renegade T-shirt (Size S)
  • Ribcage T-shirt (Size L)
  • Spring Tour T-shirt  (Size S)
  • Paramore Album
  • Brand New Eyes Album
  • The Symbol Necklace
  • Anklebiters Button Pack
  • Button And Stickers Set
  • One paramore Button

The winner will be randomly selected on DECEMBER 21st.


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